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Dr. Charne Radel, My Family Doctor Lethbridge Clinic

Dr. Johan G. Meyer

(General Practitioner)

Dr. Meyer has been practicing family medicine since graduating from the University of the Free State In South Africa in 1993. With his family, they moved to Canada in 1998 where he obtained his CFFP and has been practicing in Canada ever since.

With 30 years of providing medical care to patients and families, Dr. Meyer prioritises patient centered care with compassion and punctuality. His incredible medical team works together in supporting him, allowing for the patients' needs to come first.

Dr. Meyer is a dedicated father and Opa and an avid motorcyclist with a love for the outdoors.

Dr. Charné Rädel

(General Practitioner)

Dr. Charné Rädel, pronounced [sh aar nae] [ruh dehl]. Dr. Rädel was born and raised in South Africa and completed her Medical Degree at the University of Stellenbosch in Cape Town.

Dr. Rädel moved to Canada with her husband in the fall of 2022. They both feel very lucky to now call Canada home and very excited to join the community of Lethbridge.

Dr. Abdullah Habeebu, My Family Doctor Lethbridge Clinic
Dr. Johan G. Meyer, My Family Doctor Lethbridge Clinic

Dr. Abdullah Habeebu

(General Practitioner)

Dr Habeebu is the last born in a family of 5 doctors and a pharmacist. He graduated from College ofMedicine, University of Lagos Nigeria where he worked before moving to the United Kingdom for Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management and a Masters degree in Business Administration.

He worked in Internal Medicine Department in NHS hospitals before retraining as a General Practitionerin the UK. He also has a Diploma with the Royal College of Gynaecology UK.

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Madora Bye, My Family Doctor Lethbridge Clinic
Madora Bye
Jordana Groves, My Family Doctor Lethbridge Clinic
Jordana Groves

The My Family Doctor team exists to serve you and your family. We have a diverse group of professionals ready to assist and attend to your health needs and concerns. To book an appointment with one of our physicians, head to our “Appointments” page.